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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 20, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. we have some clear skies, blustery conditions, higher elevations along the coast, compared to yesterday it was an active great weather day, today will be sunny, breezy and cool with a lot of upper 50s, here is sal. traffic looks good coming to the willow pass grade and also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on westbound 92, it is 5:00 let's go back to the desk. we are starting with developing news, two blocks on north beach are without water, there was an overnight water main break, claudine wong is right there in north beach, you have new information you just
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received from supervisor, what are they saying? >> reporter: well the supervisor is going around turning off valves because there are several pipes running underneath this street. there are big developments in the last half hour and you can see a gentleman trying to clear out the cable car tracks and cable car service is affected and they are running a shuttle but certainly they want to get the cable car back here so he is cleaning out the roadway. in he is it of what caused this, they -- in terms of what caused this, a 36-inch main is right there but as he was going around he turned off a 12-inch main and that's when the water finally turned off and that pipe is much larger. you can look at this buckled part of the street and the 12- inch main runs through here and
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they have isolated it to this area. what caused it, they are not sure. let me show you pictures. this is why it was so difficult for them to figure out what was causing it. it is going through both sides of the street through mason and jones and two sides are affected, people are waking up without water and it all started at 3:00 a.m. this morning. now that they have started all of -- now that they have figured out of this out, what is next? >> we are trying to figure out where the break is, excavating it and picking it it and -- fixing it and putting it back. >> reporter: what will that tell you? >> we don't know, whether it is round about, it is all to be determined right now. >> reporter: does this whole street have to be dug up? >> i am just going to say that side right now. >> reporter: this work will be happening for the next several hours. they still have to clear up the cars that are parked along this
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sidewalk to make room for the heavy machinery that has to come in, but first they are going to have to wait for pg&e for the gas department and cable people to mark the street and they want to be very careful before they dig the area up and they have to do that before they get to the pipe, it could be weather, it could be the ground shifting, it could be a lot ofhings and they will not know until they get underneath and take a look. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. the chp is blaming a wrong way driver for ahead on crash near tracy this morning. it happened shortly after midnight near north flynn road. the driver of the mitsubishi was going the wrong way and the drivers of both cars suffered rious injuries and it brought freeway traffic to a halt for nearly two hours and chp is
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investigating whether alcohol played a role. there is a serious health warning after a student was hospitalized with meningitis. tara moriarty joins us for more on this story, tara? >> reporter: we are here at petaluma high school where students and parents have been placed on alert and that's because 17-year-old -- a 17- year-old student suddenly became ill and collapsed. he contracted the blood infection caused by a bacteria that can develop into meningitis. school officials sent out an alert to let them know if they came in contact they need to seek medical help. the disease is treated with antibiotics and if it is untreated it can lead to death in all cases.
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it can be spread by kissing sharing a drink or getting coughed on. if you have the by at it be -- antibiotics you will be okay. as 14th he is greatly improved but he is still in serious condition. we will tell you about another case that popped up at another north bay high school coming up and tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is information out of kansas city missouri where more than a dozen people were hurt after an explosion triggered a huge fire. one person missing was found. crews are still out there searching for yet another missing person. this happened last night at a restaurant in a popular shopping plaza. 14 people were hurt, at least three of them critically and that blast was found several blocks away. >> heat from the fire came into
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my car. the windows were up but i could feel the heat. >> a contractor doing work in the area may have hit a natural gas line and caused that explosion. today an auburn will be -- autopsy will be performed on a 10 month old. jesus who is believed to be the baby's father picked up the baby from his grandmother's house and said he was taking her to disney land. they became concerned when he didn't return. he is now facing child abduction and murder charges. we will have a live report coming up at 5:30. they are introducing a safety escort after several violent incidents. the service will be announced at a safety forum. students will be able to use
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that forum between 8:45 and 2:45. on sunday a woman reported being raped and beaten on campus. santa cruz police will be at the meeting at 7:00 tonight to discuss the attacks and announce a reward. new information about christopher dorner, the former l.a. police officer suspected of killing four people, he stalked five members of the lapd before that killing rampage started. all of those officers had direct ties to the decision to fire christopher dorner. beck ordered a complete investigation of his firing and christopher dorner repeatedly claimed he was a target of racism during his time with the lapd. >> i do not believe that is justified and this is a big caveat, it needs to be addressed. we are only as good as the public thinks we are. >> chief beck says he is still
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not certain whether that $1 million reward in the case will be paid out. we are learning more about the affects of the auto spending cuts scheduled to take affect march 1st. president barack obama is calling on congress to avoid the deal to make the quester cuts. coming up week -- second quester -- second quester -- quester cuts. sal, you are checking the east bay too. they are blowing a lot of the win away and visibility will not be a problem for motorcyclist people, in fact i
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am looking at my off screen and i can see all of the traffic cameras on my one monitor and i do not see one traffic calm -- one bit of fog on my traffic cameras. looking at traffic there are no major problems and northbound on i-85, we are off to a good start, let's go to steve. >> clear skies, sal. >> yes, sir. >> blustery on the coast, especially on our way to see some spring training games and if it arrived over us, maybe about 4:00 or 5:00 instead of after sunset, we would have had more to work with but it gave us a wide variety and we said about a quarter to a half inch and that's exactly what fell. napa third of an inch, san francisco had almost a half inch of rain, quarter inch
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livermore, fairfield, right in there, rainfall is below average for everybody including santa rosa which is 93%, san francisco 86% and we were doing so well until january hit. san jose 7.99, ironically you can find a lot more in the old rain gauge than that but everybody is below average now. low pressure to the south, heading towards phoenix there will be a lot of delays in spring training games. napa and santa rosa some upper 20s and this is a very cold dynamic system, windy at times, temperatures 50s and very low 60s may just briefly touch and it can help santa rosa and it will be a cool day, average high is 60 to 65 and yesterday was upper 40s so well below average, we will slowly climb
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back, cool and breezy and we go to the weekend. does pg&e oh you money? investigators say they have been overcharged. it has become the center of controversial, we will explain -- it has become the center of controversy. we will explain. heading up to the tunnel walnut creek and oakland looks good and we will tell you more about the traffic and weather in the bay area. [ announcer 1 ] today's business travel challenge: redeeming a reward flight.
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. welcome back, it is now 5:13 as the vatican prepares for the new pope, there is information on whether they should be part of the couldn't clave. roger was stripped of his duties at the largest archdiocese and that was after they hid accusations of child molesting priests. >> this case is very recent but there may be others who also had some problems with the administration of sexual abuse cases in their diocese. >> they are expected to begin in march and 117 cardinals will have to agree to elect the new pope and he will indicate he will take part in the new
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couldn't clave -- conn clave. cardinal shawn o'malleyly has been mentioned frequently in the italian press. there has never been an american pope but this time around, cardinals from south america and africa are also being talked about as candidates. there is a popular christian dating website and a california man is using that website to lure women and then rape them. coming up, what the police are saying and how that website is responding. just a couple of days before automatic spending cuts go into effect. we have more details on how this would hurt the economy including right here in california, kyla? >> reporter: california is among the top 5 states if they go into fect next friday. california could lose more than
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2 5,000 jobs with the slashing of the federal budget. here is where it stands on the issue. they cannot agree on a long term spending plan and they agree there needs to be spending cuts but some want to raise taxes and the gop refuses. they get back on monday and we will have just four days to come up with a plan to avoid these automatic cuts. they are seeing a lack in business and consumer confidence. waging and failing to spend now is what can lead to spending and unemployment later and difficult details later. >> reporter: we will have more with these cuts when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. pleasant hill police have released two new sketches of two men suspected of a violent home invasion robbery the sketches show two of the three men ofof breaking into a home o
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wednesday drive. they hit a victim with the gun and ransacked the home and police also released two photos of two get away cars. the pictures were taken by the security camera and it is tinted windows and the other is a two door ban. it's said to take affect in 30 days and the city council approved the second and final vote. the action comes before the two year moratorium expires in april. time now 5:17, the office wants to know whether how isn't itty customers here in california have been overcharged. the question is whether the public commission is properly managing balancing accounts including pg&e. those accounts are set up for a special project such as pg&e's smart meters but if they receive more revenue than they need, rate pairs are supposed
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to get a credit. there is a safety setback for rail transit system and the receipts for the smart computer train failed their first safety test. the manufacturer and the district said they will be redesigned. they should have the first set of seats by the end of this year. let's check back in with sal, what are you looking at, sal? well, we are looking at some of the east bay and we are starting off with san francisco getting to the east bay from san francisco to oakland and right now 101 does look good on the lower deck and in san francisco, the only area to avoid is the water-main bridge. it looks light and it is probably not going to stay that way forever and we are also looking at the south bay, northbound 101 traffic does look good and if you are driving on to the peninsular it
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looks good between 380 and 92 and it is a nice looking drive, let's go to steve. very active interesting fun look at southern california left behind, clear skies, breezy to blustery, it is not too bad at the surface. normal highs this time of year is 60 to 65. it is a cold one, we were way below average, we were the warmest on this panel. 48 concord, san jose 50 today, a couple of low 60s mainly upper 50s, we will still be below average on the temperatures. it is 14 and 19 in chuck e. they will start to pull away that moisture and it looks like spring training games going on and after the system moves out it will be very cool las vegas
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to phoenix as it is here. santa rosa 30s and there is a breeze holding up these temperatures same thing for novato. book ends at 41 chilly degrees. we get the high pressure and the breeze, sunny and breezy and a cold morning and if it's cold and you get that breeze, mainly 50s and we will bounce up a good 58 degrees. the lows will stay cool, cool and breezy as we go to the weekend. european markets are off to a good start as investors wait for the markets to close, they ended the day at 2% its largest increase this year. and that's after they ignited hope for improved economic
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prospects in europe. checking our numbers, we talking about the officials announcement between office depot and office max and both stocks look like they will open up 10%. here is where we start the day, pretty good gains, but right now futures indicate a drop on the opening across the board. del computer came out with its first quarter earn being, profits say 31% because of shrinking consumer business. the rapidly declining business may make the buyout offer by michael del a little more attractive to shareholders. coming up, animal rights activists want to ban a particular type of bullying and it's right at the point of this biggest area debate.
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stay tuned.
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. they are urging california lawmakers to ban all led ammunition. they say led makes animals suffer more than when other materials are used such as copper. a man is accused of using
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the dating website christian to lure women and rape them. he is accused of raping a woman in her home in november. it took several months to fine him because he was -- find him because he was using different aliases online. >> this individual traveled around a lot and we are concerned there are people outside of la mesa or outside of san diego county. >> he offered a plea of not guilty and he is out on bond and the owner of christain said they are fully cooperating with police and they are developing tools to ensure safety. only 800,000 acres of almonds and they are having a tough time to find bees to
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pollinate the plants. out of state bee owners face higher fees and tougher inspections. 5:25 is the time, sal is checking on the south bay, how is it looking if. >> we are looking good if you are driving up to 880 and it is a very nice drive and we are looking good on 101 and 85 as well and a live picture of the sunole grade no major problem on this area of the bay. let's go to steve. >> yesterday, we had a lot of fun, temperatures were well below average, we had all sorts of reports of snow and hail and it's all gone, cold air is not though. we'll see warmer temperatures below average though, but 50s to very low 60s, pam.
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5:26 we are following breaking news fire crews are working on a house fire and we have new video just in to the newsroom. and a casterville baby is found dead after being missing for two weeks. we will tell you how authorities found her and who is behind bars. if you are just waking up, we will tell you how long it will take crews to fix that busted pipe and the destruction it is causing to cable car service today.
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. welcome back, february 20th, i am dave clark. time now, it is just about 5:30 we are getting closer to the chinese new year parade, rain for the weekend? >> no. >> cool out there now, i had my one system is, for those of you looking for more rain, our low is moved to southern california and it is cold this morning, sacramento has already tied a record low and we will look at those, sunny breezy highs 50s to low 60s. good morning, traffic looks good if you are driving through and it is not a bad commute at all if you are driving over to 101 and also highway 4 is off to a good start, at 5:30 let's
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go back to the desk. we just received video of a huge house fire in mt. diablo, this was sent to us by julie hayne -- julie hayneer by the way. it started right near the mt. diablo country club. there is no injuries and no word on what caused this fire. we will have the latest on the situation as soon as we have a crew there. we are continuing to follow breaking news, crews have turned off a water-main break and water service has been cut to nearby homes and a cable car service will be cut and crews are now digging up this intersection near filbert, right claudine wong? >> reporter: that is right, we
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are waiting for folks and we are in a holding area and we are trying to figure out where they are going to break everything up and where the cone is, you can see where the water pushed up the dirt from this area of concrete, it buckled the sidewalk and if we pan you can see where the water ended up because there is a mud pile sitting in the intersection. this is mason and filbert and there is no water between mason and jones and they are hoping to turn on the water because they can do that with the six inch pipe and the water-main broke on the 12-inch pipe and that to fix will take a long time and we could be looking at hours of repair work underway here. this certainly was a mess and it took them awhile to figure out what was causing it. we had water coming out from both sides of the street and it was flooding the intersection
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of mason and filbert. they had a guy called the gate man because he turns off the valves in the area. residents were certainly surprised when he tried to turn on the water. >> all i could hear was bubbles in the background and then i walk down the street and i see this mess all over the place, it was just amazing. >> reporter: one other issue is taking a look at the car that are parked along the sidewalk, those need to be moved. you can see a san francisco police officer who has been going knocking on doors because they are using license plates to track down owners of the cars. he is trying to wake people up so they can get their cars out of this area before they will
5:36 am
be towed. they will tow them but certainly they are doing everything they can to let them know this work has to be started and they need to get these vehicles out of the way. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. pg&e is investigating two separate out ands in san rafael. -- outages in san rafael. a car hit a pole knocking out power to 3500 customers. that number is now down to 66 homes and businesses and pg&e expects to restore power in a few hours. there was a larger power outage and the lights went out affecting some 20,000 homes and businesses and as you can see in the safe way, pg&e was able to restore power about three hours later and there are reports it was caused by a downed power pole but that investigation is not complete.
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the search for a baby in monterey county has come to a tragic end. live in the newsroom with more on the man who is now facing murder charges janine de la vega? >> reporter: it is a very sad story. jesus danny espinosa -- jesus is in jail and she was found covered up by some brush on the outskirts. the last day angel had seen her mother was february 22nd. she said her boyfriend took her on a routine visit and never made it home. he made excuses as to why he never made it home. as to the fears reported... >> he was supposed to bring her back the day of the super bowl
5:38 am
and his daughter called and said they were going onto a trip to disney land and she was going to a trip to disney land. they found him at a bus station and for the past two days they searched in monterey county. they don't know when or how angel was killed but an autopsy is scheduled for today. we will tell you why law enforcement is questioning how they are handling this case. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are looking into whether he was the victim of a cyber attack. it happened when they visited a website for software developers. mall wear was linked to a floor in java software and there is an investigation into that breach. a report that ties cyber attacks to a facility in
5:39 am
shanghai is flawed. coming up at 5:45, why the chinese government says evidence of the of attacks is not technical proof. the oscar pistorius bail hearing has just concluded for the day. the disabled olympic runner appeared in court under heavy police security and court observers believe the judge will grant him bail tomorrow. the judge questioned whether he could be a flight risk and they found two doses of testosterone the night he killed his girlfriend but he claims it was an herbal remedy, not performance enhancing drugs. they are investigating the death of a homeless woman while looking for her lost dog.
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it happened last night and the 45-year-old woman was looking for her lost dog. they were hit by traffic and both drivers are cooperating with police. they decided to keep chp officers patrolling city streets. that money will go towards part- time patrols that will begin on march 1st and continue for two months. it should keep chp officers on the job until the latest graduates hit the streets. chp officers have been patrolling since november and the state has been picking up the tab until now. after weeks of dry weather, wind rain and hail and snow was brought to the bay area and storms did just that. this happened on colby street. debris from that patio flew
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around the neighborhood and luckily there are no reports of damage in that area. ski resorts got 8 to 10 inches of snow from that storm yesterday. here is a look at king veil, it is moving through the area well, we checked with caltrans and chains are required for vehicles traveling on highway 50 and interstate 7880 -- interstate 880. >> you can imagine interstate 880 had to be shut down because of several spin outs and crashes. chp said none of the incidents were major ones and happily no one was hurt. new snow is nice to have up there, sal? >> i think the resorts are happy too. good morning everybody, let's take a look at what we have now, traffic is doing well on highway 4 although it is
5:42 am
getting a lot more crowded especially if you drive through antioch especially here in bay point. if you are driving on the westbound bay approach, tell not a big -- still not a big crowd. and this morning's commute looks good in the south bay, northbound 101 and 280 are off to a good start, let's go to steve. low pressure, pretty good power house system considering all the wide variety it gave us, it is now pushing off to arizona and high pressure is pushing in behind it and it does not look like that but the 15 to 10 day outlook may take us to the first week of march, another dry month. yesterday a quarter to a half inch e-exactly -- exactly what was forecast and the rain added a little bit to our season total but everybody is below average this time of year. december they were way above,
5:43 am
but look what happened from two dry months. san francisco almost 14.5, 26%. santa rosa 93% but i tell you yesterday the system did not have that much rain. there is our lows as it pushes into southern california and now heading into las vegas and arizona. 30s and 20s some upper 20s would not surprise me, they have already tied a record low of 28 degrees. santa rosa and napa right on track at 30 and we have a strong dynamic system but as it moves to southern california, it gives us a breezy windy day. we were a good 10 to 12 degrees below average and the average is 60 to 65. we will stay cool and breezy and there will not be much
5:44 am
rain, breezy and chilly mostly sunny on sunday. san francisco, san jose and sacramento, they are being asked if they want to host the 2024 summer olympics. they sent letters to 35 major cities and other places include new york, chicago and los angeles. the operating costs top $3 billion and that does not include infrastructure or building venues. cities that seem interested include paris and rome. >> it would be fun to have them here though. the reason the nfl will not give the team the same deal it gave the 49ers. and a canadian tourist was supposed to arrive, a grim discovery made at a hotel in los angeles. good morning on the golden gate bridge, traffic does look good, we will tell you more
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about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay right here with us.
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. good morning skies are clear, it is cold out there, it will be breezy, warmup to upper -- warming to upper 50s. here is a look at some of the top stories we are looking at, in contra costa, they are trying to put out this fire right near the mt. diablo country club and also water service has been cut to two san francisco streets following a water-main break at mason and
5:48 am
filbert. the crews are waiting for pg&e to come in and turn off gas lines before they can fix that broken pipe. by the way, cable car service in the area, it will be disrupted today. and a 17-year-old student at petaluma high school was sent to the hospital with a highly contagious blood infection which can develop into meningitis. school officials have sent is a warning out to parents. a body has been identified as a missing tourist from canada. they made the discovery on the roof of the cecil hotel yesterday. they have confirmed the victim was 20-year-old lisa lamb. she was supposed to be headed to santa cruz and lamb was reported missing three weeks ago and investigators are still
5:49 am
trying to figure out how she died. it could take a few days to eye didn't few -- identify bones found in an open space reserve a few miles away. they have discovered the body is a male. a statement released today says china's military says tying cyber attacks to a secret chinese military unit working out of this facility in shanghai was wrong. they say merely linking the i p addresses to that facility is not technical proof. back in the u.s. general john allan has made it official and he will retire to become the supreme nato commander. he said he needs to address health issues and his
5:50 am
nomination was sidelined during an investigation of e-mails he sent to jill kelley. they cleared general allan of any wrongdoing. the largest employee retirement fund will divest itself and they will sell off $5 million worth of stock in two companies that manufacture assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips. it includes firefighters chp and teachers in light of the connecticut school shooting. pittsburgh is said to have a gun buy back in hopes of getting dangerous weapons off the streets. it will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. march 1st and organizers will pay 300 for assault weapons and 200 for every other firearm and it is for pittsburgh and bay point residents only. they are hoping to keep pro
5:51 am
sports teams here but the nfl will not loan them money to build the stadium like they did for the k-9. they say the -- 49ers. they say warriors continue to get ready to move to san francisco. baseball season is about to start as you know but it could cost baseball fans a little bit more to park near at&t. coming up at 5:55, the new parking rules which are about to take affect very soon. 5:49 is the time to check in on traffic, sal? we are doing well around the bay areas, as a matter of fact traffic is off to a good start and it is making for a better commute although it is getting more crowded as you head out to the bay bridge toll
5:52 am
plaza and still not a big delay as more people are showing up, there is a 2 minute delay and that's all. on san bruno, between 280 and 92, it's still 8 minutes and it is not a bad commute at all. no major problems if you are driving to the south bay, highway 101 and 280 looks pretty good. what a cold day yesterday, morgan hill 47, today will be warmer we will rebound a good 10 degrees and it was just unbelievably cool yesterday. there were a lot of upper 40s including san francisco san jose did manage to eek out a 50 and that was only because of a north wind. cop cord will go 59, san jose, it may feel cooler than that. there is a lot of combed air in place. it looks like our system in
5:53 am
southern california will produce a lot of rain in spring training and it will go into las vegas where there is some snow and some of the higher peeks are outside las vegas. although brent parson just tweeted me 29 degrees and it feels even colder, he said. i believe you. san jose, even napa had 39 degrees. one system, it was a pour house and it -- power house and it was not out of the picture and i just don't see any rain coming in for a while. also on the coast, sunny breezy, 50s and lower 60s, it is going to be a cool breezy day, 50s for many, these are still about 2 degrees below average and we continue cool and breezy as we go into the weekend. just a few minutes ago, government announced they rose
5:54 am
2 /10th of a percent. higher prices are the reason for the jump and without that, wholesale prices are without their lowest level since january 20111. it is an all stock deal worth 1.2 billion sz and it's likely to -- 1.2 billion dollars and it is like lib it could benefit -- and it is likely there to benefit others. it is the 8th year they led the rankings, harvard came in second taking in 650 million, yale usc round out the top
5:55 am
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. san francisco leaders have announced the project development and it started in the late 1800s we took a sip and giants are planning a group called mission rock and they will put in a museum and brew pub. if everything is cleared they could move in by 2015. they could move near at&t and next month, meters will begin in operation monday through sunday. they plan to raise parking rates to $7 an hour during games. some of the happiest tweeters are in northern
5:59 am
california. they analyzed 10 million tweets in 2011 and they wanted to map out the moods of people in urban areas. they are on the frequency of positive and negative words. cities with the happy tweeters are santa cruz, california, on the other side, the unhappy include beaumont texas and albany georgia, that is according to twitter. >> are you going to be a happy tweeter? >> i saw you tweeted something about our newscast and people are very happy here. >> thank you sal, you took care of us. let's go out and take a look at the commute. traffic is looking well and northbound 280 and it looks good on highway 17. southbound traffic looks well as you pass mission boulevard and head down to the bottom of the hill. let's move


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